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Consultations and Screenings

For anyone who may be unsure about whether or not an evaluation is warranted, or who may simply want to know more about how Alyssa Campbell Therapies can help them, we offer consultations and screenings. We also offer screenings at preschools, daycares, and other settings.


Evaluations are necessary to determine if a delay/disorder is present. An evaluation will also reveal the degree of the delay/disorder. Formal and informal testing can be done in specific areas depending on which kind of therapy is best for the individual. If therapy is warranted, the results obtained from testing help us determine appropriate goals for treatment. Evaluation results also give us a baseline of skills for setting goals and a way to measure the child’s progress.

  • Speech and Language evaluations can assess expressive and receptive (listening comprehension) language, articulation/speech sounds, basic concepts, vocabulary, fluency (stuttering), voice, and pragmatic (social) language skills.
  • Occupational Therapy evaluations can assess sensory processing, fine motor skills, visual motor/perceptual skills, and activities of daily living.
  • Physical Therapy evaluations can assess gross motor skills, ambulation, endurance, reflexes, and coordination.

Team Approach

Collaborating as a team is a crucial component in implementing the most productive and affective treatment for an individual.  We believe parents, teachers, and professionals should all meet together to discuss patients and plan as a team. This is to ensure fluid and vital communication between all members. These meetings range from a simple parent/teacher conference or Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting to attending doctors appointments with parents.

Individual and Group Treatment

Recommendations will be made for treatment based on the needs of each individual patient. Most patients who present with a delay/disorder will receive a recommendation for individual treatment, however there are some patients who will benefit from group therapy only or in addition to individual treatment. At Alyssa Campbell Therapies, families are an integral part of the treatment process. Our patients and families can expect to be actively involved in therapy and provided with valuable information on how to facilitate carryover of targeted goals in the home and community environments.

School In-services and Classroom Trainings

Our qualified therapists are available to provide informative in-services and trainings for daycare, preschool, and private school staff members and teachers. These in-services and trainings can be customized to fit the needs of the audience whether it is training on a certain topic or advice and guidance on working with a specific student.


We provide consultations or individual therapy sessions through video conferencing for those unable to schedule an appointment in person, whether out-of-state or international.

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