Process - Alyssa Campbell Therapies

Where do I get started?

If you think you might have concerns regarding your child’s speech, language, and occupational progress, but are not sure, Alyssa Campbell Therapies can help determine if there are areas of concern. Our therapists can provide the following services at your home, your child’s school or daycare, and via teletherapy:

  • Screening or consultation: A screening is a quick overview of your child’s occupational, speech, and language skills and will let us know if your child demonstrates any red flags that could warrant the need for a further evaluation.
  • Evaluation: An evaluation is an in-depth assessment of your child’s area(s) of concern (i.e., articulation, language, fine motor) to determine if your child could benefit from intervention; and if so, goals would be created to target within therapy.
  • Individual vs Group Treatment: The Speech-Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist completing the evaluation will determine, based off the evaluation results and areas of need, if one-on-one or group therapy would be most appropriate to suit your child’s needs.

Once therapy has been initiated, our professionals will then provide therapy and work with you as a team member to collaborate with you and all others involved ensuring everyone is on the same page to help your child make the gains they need.